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The Belgian Bearded d'Anver Club is updating our website to better meet the needs of members.

 If you would like to join the club dues are $12 per year, $20 for two years per Adult Single Membership. Dues for Junior Members are $10 per year or $18 for two years. 
We do offer a Family Membership which includes 1 Adult and up to 3 youth living in the same household for $20 per year, or $35 for two years.
***All memberships start the first full month after membership is received and run for a full 12-24 months***

Purpose and Intent

Like many other poultry clubs, the Belgian Bearded d'Anvers Club of America was founded on exhibition.    One of the main benefits of being a part of an exhibition club is to establish credibility as a breeder and exhibitor so that people who are interested in the breed have a way of identifying where to get top-notch specimens of the breed in each variety in their area.  This is still a primary function of a breed club and our officers are currently working on an electronic directory to provide a list of the current point scores for breeders across the states.  One of our goals for 2017 is to create a better meet-reporting network among our district directors.


There is also more to our breed club than just establishing credibility of breeders and exhibitors.  Our newsletters provide information and anecdotals that address a diverse variety of topics from selection of breeding stock, interpretation of the standard, to experiences of back-yarders and troubleshooting incubation.  The club unites people from diverse regions who all share a common interest: the Belgian Bearded d'Anvers bantam.  In this way, experience and camaraderie can be shared among many members to encourage d'Anvers fanciers of all types. 


Club History

Started with a written standard of the breed and the following varieties:  D'Anvers were first recognized under the name of Antwerp Belgians by the APA in 1949 in Black, Blue, Buff, Cuckoo, Mille Fleur, Mottled, Porcelain, Quail and White.  Self Blues were recognized by the APA later in 1981.  In addition to these, the ABA also recognizes Black Breasted Red, Blue Quail, Buff Columbian, Columbian and Splash. 

From establishing the breed to the club: The name Antwerp Belgian came from the original German and English standards that were used as a reference to construct the ABA and APA standards for the breed.  The National Antwerp Belgian Society was organized and established on Sept. 1, 1961 in Durham, NC.  Later, in 1965 the word "National" was dropped from our name and "of America" was used instead.  Around 1970 other name changes followed for both the breed and the Society. The word "Society" was replaced by "Club" and the word "Antwerp" was dropped and replaced with "Belgian Bearded d'Anver", the latter name being one that harkens back to the province of Anvers in Belgium that claims the origin of the breed.  The newly named Belgian Bearded d'Anver Club of America had enough members at that time to establish 15 districts, each charged with the task of recording the show activity and placings from members across the United States.   Our club still has these same districts and several loyal members within them. 

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Club Bylaws 

Executive Committee

of the Belgian Bearded d'Anver Club Of America

Russell Estlack
Clarendon, Tx
Vice President
Larry Denny
Lebanon, MO 

Michelle Lynch
Summerfield, FL

Newsletter Editor
Brett Shoemake

Plattsburg, MO

 District 1 & 2 Director
 (NH, VT, MA,  CT, RI, ME)
Linda Blackman
Waldoboro, ME 
Email Me

District 3 Director
 (MD, NJ, PA, NY, DE)
Tanner Orfanides
Bath, NY 
District 4 Director
 (NC, VA, WV)
Jerry Shouse

 Lexington, NC 

District 5 Director
(Fl, GA, SC)

Bob & Lucie Bridges
Calhoun, GA 
Email Me

District 6 Director
(KY, TN, AL)  
Kristen Garrison (formally Ramsdell)
Cookeville, TN 
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District 7 Director
(OH, MI, IN)

Tom Shepherd
West Portsmouth, OH 

District 8 Director
(MN, ND, SD, IA, MO)
Hunter Britton
Muscatine, IA 

District 9 Director
   (WI, IL )
Tyler Johnson
Blair, WI

District 10 Director
 (MS, AR, LA)

Julie Graves
Batesville, AR 
[email protected]

District 11 Director
(KS, OK, TX)
Todd Price
Brownwood, TX

Texas State Rep: Scarlet Estlack

District 12 Director
(CO, NE, WY)
Nancy Metzgar
Brush, CO  
[email protected]

District 13 Director
 (AZ, NM, UT)

Steven Palmer
Clinton, UT 
 District 14 Director
 (ID, MT, OR, WA)
Debbie Wisch
Kalama, WA
[email protected]

District 15 Director
 (CA, NV)
Tami Clark & Amanda Stallman
Atascadero, CA 
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This is Executive Committee of the Belgian Bearded d'Anvers Club
Update 01/04/2021


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