Linda Blackman Linda Blackman Black d'Anver hen This is Miss Prissy. She was my all-time highest winning bird. Her first win was Reserve Grand Show Champion at the New England Bantam Show. 99306897 Black hen close-up Prissy head shot. 99306898 My favorite varieties Self-Blue, Quail and Black hens. 99306899 Quail pullet 99306900 How do I get outta here? 99306901 Sel-Blue hen Posing pretty. 99306902 Self-Blue hen My first d'Anver variety. 99306903 Me too! 99306904 Self-Blue hens 2 old girls taking sun baths. 99307106 Quail hen I don't think I'm supposed to be up here. 99307918 Quail pullet Someone call my name? 99308503 Quail pullet OK, I'll pose, if you insist. 99308504 Big Winner! This is Tom Shepherd's Best RCCL at the 2011 Crossroads of America show in Indy. 142493754 Club members Greg Romer and Linda Blackman at the Crossroads 2011 show. 142493755 Mottled RV This pullet was RV at the Crossroads show. Originally owned by Clifford Pitts. 142493756 Black pullet She was 4th place pullet at the Crossroads 2011 show. 142493757 Quail pullet She was 5th place pullet at the Crossroads 2011 show. 142493758 Quail pullet Front view. 142493759 Self-Blue pullet No placement at the Crossroads 2011 show, but she'll get there. She's young. 142493760 Ohio National 2014 Best of Breed Quail male 200302073 Ohio National 2014 Best of Variety Black 200302074 Ohio National 2014 2 Best of Varieties 200302075 Ohio National 2014 200302076 Ohio National 2014 Don't usually win with the males. 200302077 Ohio National 2014 It was a good show for Blackman d'Anvers! 200302078